Thursday, July 21, 2005


Fewh,.. it is the forth city.
One hand I feel reaallly happy that it is already the forth one
but on the other hand I am really looking forward and happy with what we are about to do.

I am a little bit tired too
because yeah,.. everything is a bit heavy.
something that I've not done before: waking up early in the morning, praying, bible study and then doing activity.

Giving speech and then encouraging students are something new for me.
I have to be as a 'tutor' to the students,.. coach them about certain topic.
I feel a little bit too young for that.
hehehhe :D

I can't be long writing here,..
it is Warnet,.. a little bit expansive, too
Yet,.. i will share how happy I was this week in Solo.
I went to homeless and poor people ministry. It was really great.
I saw the true happiness in the people's eyes.

Once, I read Eph 3 about the mystery that God has given to us: the fact that we are now the chosen ones, live in Christ Jesus.
Sometimes, we don't really realize that we get that blessing.
In those homeless people's eyes,.. I saw the Joy
They were really enjoying the fellowship.
I learned a lot from them.

Now we are in Jogja,.. please do pray for us, for the coming trips.
Yet,.. don't forget to give thank to God,.. that we are now healthy.
A couple days a go,.. everybody was ill,..
Now,.. God healed us.
Thank God!

Friends, Family.. thanks for your prayer :D


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

12th july

it was so fun here.
We went to University of Indonesia (UI) to share about Discipleship and Small groups.
It was so great how we can encourage those students.

The funny thing was I'd wanted to study in UI when I was in High School. I found UI really great Uni. Yet, I went to the Netherlands. This morning, we went there, giving seminar about Discipleship. Thus, I was in UI (yipee,.. as what I dreamed :) ) and even better, i was standing in front of the class. hahahha,.. like a lecturer!! hehehhehe

This evening was raining cats and dogs,... really haard! and we stucked in the traffic jam, too. hehhehe,... really cultural experience for my dutch friends.

sorry couldn't really post a lot! anyway,.. thanks for your prayers... God bless you to in your holiday and whatever you do.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

ready to go!

Dear all,

I have all my stuff packed; I am ready to go!
with all the fear left behind
with bunch of hopes put in front of me
yes, I am ready, Lord!

Many things happened lately.
If, in last post, I wrote that I was a little bit dissapointed with the changes I felt
now, I feel a little bit better.
I feel, now, a true Indonesian.
I know that it is my culture: collectivism, being together and most important, we do need each other , don't we? :D

These last two days are wonderful.
Not just because I've had a great time with my family and (ehem) Mr. Weirdo.
(Special note: just got back from a dinner with Mr. Weirdo's family, ups,.. was so nice, actually, but heheh,.. nia was nervous :P)
This morning I went to Taman Dayu with my lovely sister.
Everything was really great!
Thanks Lord!

The most remarkable moment today is when I, Nita, Andhika and Mr. Weirdo spent time to read the Bible and pray for me, for my trip.
I felt that I have a second Church family here, family in Jesus Christ.
I'd missed that kind of fellowship since I left Indonesia 3 years ago. Now, I find one. Thanks Lord!

please do pray for me.

GBU too
do enjoy your (summer) holiday, spend it wisely :)

take care

Monday, July 04, 2005

stop for a moment

The second week in Surabaya.

I am tired, as if I had enough and want to return to my independent world. I am changed, by all circumstances. First, it was totally fun, meeting new people, old friends, family, yet in the beginning of my second week, it is like i would say, Enough!

Everywhere, I meet people. My quite time, my lonely time, even my sleepy time, are shorten.

Let me introduce you a new, modern, Israelitie!

In the Moses era, the Israelties always mouned, forgot to give thank to God. I won't be like that anyway,.. maybe I just need a rest.

For people who I've met in my first week, do not feel offended please,.. it is the effect of the long travel and hard working before I came to Indo. :) sorry, guys