Friday, November 17, 2006

UNDP Training

Field Monitoring

I had never heard of it before.
My boss signed me up for this workshop and I was shocked to death. I was petrified because even knowing what it supposed to mean was impossible for me. Wow!

Yet I came on the first day and it was indeed scary. I was the only 'white' woman over there. Many were local people from local NGO (non governmental orgz). Many were men. Huu,.. it was scary.

When the speaker started speaking, it was not that bad. Field monitoring is about going to the field and examining how your implementing partners have spent your aid, your money. It is about doing field research, questionnaire and survey, and in the end reporting it to your boss or other parties.

The attendants were fun, too! Jhon, man with brown shirt, was very funny. He looked like my english teacher in my junior high school. FYI, he has ever joined Indonesian Who Wants To Be Millionaire. Wow! Another funny friend I met there is Pepen, who looked like RAJA band vocalist. Hahahaha!! (he is the one in white-orange stripped polo shirt).

I am so glad to join this! Workshop

(Top:Peppen, Rini, Arma, Faisal, Nie, Someone from Islamic Relief, Jhon, UNDP staff (1), (2), Erik (the speaker)

(Below:Aas, Audi, Danny, Juanda, Ahyoni (little one), Boyke, Pak Budi).


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

3 hours and 5 minutes

Yap,.. I am leaving
I will be gone for 30 days.
Yap, I am leaving to Meulaboh
I will be working with the stuffs I have started 2 months ago
Yap, I miss him.
I will be there wondering when I will be coming back.
Yap, I miss her, too.
I will stare my lil' sista's picz hoping that I will see her soon.

Yap, I am indeed leaving.


Friday, November 03, 2006


It is probably because I have been in Indonesia for a while. I am now more comfortable writing in Indonesian. I hope you don't mind reading that.
Yet, I promise to update this FREE PRAYER blog regularly.

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