Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finding Solitude - my silent long weekend

As I have shared in my previous posting, I went to seek solitude during my long weekend (last week).

Some friends and I went to Gedono, somewhere in Midden Java, which is near Solo (and also near Salatiga). We departed from Gubeng Station by train to Solo. Arriving in Solo, we were picked up by Maureen in an APV car, which was rented by her (Maureen is one friend from Jakarta, who also joined this trip.)

Upon arriving, we saw tremendous view. Very natural, green and 'virgin'.
Yes, it is because this monastery, located in Gedono, called Pertapaan Bunda Pemersatu, is consciously placed in the middle of nowhere.
Pertapaan Bunda Pemersatu is different to other monasteries. It is therapeutics monastery, where the nuns, as well as the guests, are not allowed to speak a lot. Thus, we are only allowed to speak during meals (and of course, for me and the gank, we were still chatting in our room :P). It is very quiet.
We had 7 - 8 times praise and worship times:
  • 3.15 AM in the morning
  • 5 AM
  • 7 AM
  • 9 AM
  • 11.30 AM
  • 2.30 PM
  • 5 PM
  • 7 PM
Trust me, you won't complain - in spite of the sleeping and waking up time (sleep at 8, wake up at 3 AM). The food is all vegetarian (yipeee!!), which was a total good news for me.
They had cute architecture, which was proposed by Alm. Romo Mangun. Moreover, they also had some cute, delicious snacks and beverages.

I really didn't complain. I, in fact, enjoyed it very much. I felt that I could talk to God more directly. It seemed like talking to God face to face. In Surabaya, I hardly have time to pray for a lot of things; yet in Gedono, my prayer just flowed like water.
Thank God, I found this place - thank God I (re-)found You.

Friday, March 14, 2008

My requested wedding song

Whomever can sing this song can propose to marry me :)
*grinning* ^^

I accidentally found this song, and,..
I was totally amazed by it.
The voice, the tune, the meaning,..

So, guys, you better practice it from now :D

Well its been 5 years

Can't hold back my tears
Cause I'm just so happy I'm marrying an angel today

As I take your hand
I pledge to be your man
I vow to love to hold to cherish
And never disrespect the love we share

I'll be honest I can not lie
There'll be real good days
There'll be some bad times
I'll be standing right be side you my sweet baby
With the love of mine

And you take this ring
And i place it on your sweet and lovely hand
We will show our kids
They will tell their kids
What mom and daddy did
On the day I married my angel

I love you my angel

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Holy Day

As tomorrow the Hindus will celebrate 'Seclusion Day', some friends and I are going for seclusion for a couple of days, too.

We are heading to Gedono. As a little 'village' (or some will proudly call it a town) in Centre Java, it has everything you need to relax and do 'back to the nature' rituals. Yet, we will not only do some relaxing; yet we will do a little retreat.

We are going to a monastery, named 'Pertapaan Bunda Pemersatu' to have a total contemplation experience. I heard from some people and read on some blogs/websites that this place is the right place when you seek quietness. You are not allowed more than 3 hours per day. Wow,.. intense! The nuns who dedicate themselves in that monastery only talk less than 3 hours in a day. They have various activities, from cooking to cleaning; from praying to worshiping.

I, too, heard that the nuns wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning to go the chapel and pray. The guests are also encouraged to do the same. (For goodness' sake. I can hardly wake up at 6 everyday :( ) Yet, they go to bed at 8 o'clock in the evening (oh my gosh, it is also another problem. You know what time I normally go to bed? not earlier than 11 o'clock. Sigh,...)

I honestly don't know what to expect, because I have never been to this kinda place. However, I am VERY excited!! I can hardly wait!!! Seriously,... I am realllllyy looking forward to go this place.

Thus, please pray for me that I will find God's presence and have new insight.

I really hope that God will speak to me through this trip.

Have a nice long weekend to all Indonesian who live in Indonesia :)

p.s. you can see some pictures of Gedono here