Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Being 33

I accidentally downloaded this song a couple of weeks ago. I just found out the lyric and the meaning of this beautiful song.

It is beyond the matter of being 33.

Feels like a milestone
Being in my 30
Friends become mothers and fathers
With little ones of their own
So and so's a doctor
A lawyer and accountant
So and so's got married
They've got a lifetime ahead
A beautiful lifetime ahead

33, the age that You died for me
Now here I am at 33
33, You crowned it with Your life upon a tree
The mystery of Your love for me

We could have been schoolmates
Studying together
We could have had tea and scones
And talked about our day
You walk this path before me
Living close to guide me
You're thirsty for someone
To show a little care
You've hidden in faces everywhere

(Corrinne May - 33)

For me, it is kinda a trigger for me to think what I have been doing so far.

I am almost 25 (gosh!)
What have I done?
Have I done any significant things?
Have I set examples to others?
Have I showed my love and cared someone else?

Try harder, I suppose

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Blogger -A- said...

quite a strong reminder to the purpose of our lives :)))

3:42 AM  

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