Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do you dare?

Some people are just into challenge

I have seen some people in my life, who will sacrifice something to get to feel some challenges. They get bored with their old, static life; thus they, then, they decide to totally change her path and walk towards something uncertain and, of course, challenging.

Knowing that, I started asking myself: is it all worth doing? Or is it just the little voice telling you to pursue something, so-called, worth fighting for?

For me, I have enough challenges in my life. I change ‘life’ almost every year. In these past 6 years, I have moved, more than 10 times (including 6 times moving from one city to another, and one country to another). In these past 8 years, I have been through an ups and downs relationship with Stefy.

I think I have had enough.

But, more positive challenges wouldn’t hurt, would it?

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Notepad 19 September 2008

Capturing people coming and going in the airport has given a different understanding about love and life. As some people were walking towards the gate, I saw some gloomy faces. I am not sure whether they are sad because they have left the past; or are they pressured becuase they are about to face the new future? There are too some happy faces.

Othe people were walking towards arrival gate. Some of them have happy faces. The same question has aroused: are they happy because they are coming to see the new future? or are they cheering because they have left the past? There are too some sad faces.

As for me, I am still not sure what kind of face expression I should give. A couple of days ago I was crying till I ran out of tears; yet this morning, even a few moments before I departed, I didn't cry a tear. I don't want to suspect that I has bottled up my sad feelings, because I am not used to that anymore. But, I am perplexed now: am I sad or am I happy?

How about if I say half-half? I do feel a little bit sad because I left my family behind, especially because I have left them with a new problem I created. Sigh,.... I would certainly miss them.

I am also happy, because, as you know, my boyfriend is waiting for me. Bunch of friends are desperate to see me, at least it is what they wrote in their e-mails. I am too excited to study again. Yeah.... how cool is that to become a student again. Just like Gossip Girls or One Tree Hill.

Oops,.. okay,.. stop,.. I think I have watched too many TV series lately.

But, the bottomline is, I am happy; yet I am sad.

So, as I am about to approach my gate in about 30 minutes, I will figure out which face expression I would give.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Quotes of the day

"I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you straightforwardly without complexities or pride. I love you because I know no other way then this. So close that your hand, on my chest, is my hand. So close, that when you close your eyes, I fall asleep."

Memorable quotes - Patch Adams

p.s. I think I will use it for my wedding vow :P