Friday, September 30, 2005

(Indonesians) Christian Fellowship

You’re invited!!

It is for all Indonesian people, especially students who live in the surrounding of Diemen.

Come and Join,…

Die-Ka Christian Fellowship

Tuesday, 4th October 2005

Diemerkade 85

Diemen 1111AE

19.30 - finish

Contact person: Nia ( or Ardy (

What is Die-Ka?

Die-Ka is Diemerkade.

Who is Die-Ka?

It is a group of five students (3 girls and 2 boys) from INHolland Hogeschool, Diemen. We want to praise and worship God, learn from the Scripture, support each other, pray for each other, and grow together to the source, God.

What does Die-Ka do?

We do sharing, singing (with limited musicians and instrument), praying, and bible-studying. For additional information, we don’t provide supper or snack (it might be available some times), because we are STUDENTS. Sorry about that :P Yet, tea and coffee are available.

How can you join Die-Ka?

You can just come (normally every Tuesday evening) and it will be very nice if you let us know, first. Thus we will know how many people we are expecting. Please do bring your bible if you do have one.

See you then!


Monday, September 26, 2005

Stop for a moment

It’s been really hectic lately.

Fewh,.. yet I just realized that I had to stop from all these stupid day-and-night studying-rituals. I pushed myself too much, I reckon.

Sorry, it is actually not stupid, yet I am a little bit obsessed. I want to finish my study as soon as possible. It is crazy, though. When I wake up in the morning, I read my bible (thank God I can still really commit to do this), have my breakfast and spend my day studying – reading books, researching, googling – and, of course, go to school. I just (like 5-10 minutes ago) realized that I haven’t got a ‘proper’ social life lately.

Um, that’s bad, I think! I don’t wanna be overstressed because of my study and get ill. Maybe it is nice to share some things happened during my summer holiday (and mission trip) in Indonesia.

Let me start something about Bang Tepy (again). Sorry if you got bored from this sort of story. Hehehe,.. it’s still been a month that we were separated from each other :P (ups, since when Nia became so romantic).

Maybe this story is not literally related to him; yet I’d learned and found out during my mission trip. It was when our team had to share something about sexuality. Joost, my Dutch friend, spoke in front of the Jakarta students. He preached about love and sexuality in Christianity: it is not about wanting and asking, in contrast, it is about giving. “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral” (Hebrews 13:4)

Magg, another Dutch friend, gave a really great illustration about the difference between men and women. Men’s life is like pizza: it can be separated into pieces/slices, thus if one ‘slice’ is affected, for instance, broken heart, other ‘slices’ won’t be easily affected. In contrast, women’s life is like spaghetti: it can hardly be separated, thus if something bad happens, other, and maybe all, areas will be affected. For girls, be aware of it, because I find it really true.

I am really impressed with Dutch friends’ testimonies, because they are western people, but they have strong Christian principles. I have learned a lot from them. Thanks guys,..!

Back to the moment in Jakarta, when the sharing time came, the group was separated into boys and girls group. In girls group, other Dutch girl friends and I have shared a lot of things about sexuality, love, relationship and how to live as a Christian. Wow! It was so wonderful!

I was so thankful that God has used my life to be an example for others. I could share how I’ve struggled with my love life – about jealousy (hehe,.. Nia is used to be really jealous :P), physical contacts, going out, dating and also long distance relationship. It was amazing when a girl came to me and she said that she has just been through long distance relationship. We shared a lot of things and prayed for each other.

God is wonderful. He arranged the meeting and brought that girl to the meeting, so that she could hear my story about long distance relationship.

I, myself, have learned a big lesson during the sexuality seminar. There was a material about boundaries in relating to the opposite sex that we should go through. During my four-year relationship with Bang Tepy, I hadn’t really thought about it. I just knew that I must not go too far with physical contact, that’s all! I knew Christians principles about purity and sexuality; yet talking about this was quite awkward, at least for me.

In that study, we were advised to discuss some topics with our partners, such as time (when we meet, which time is the best for both), place (where we can/can’t meet), activities (what we can do together, what activities we must avoid, etc.), and of course physical contacts (what kind of physical contact we may have, what kind of touching will build one another up). Wow! I was stunned. I’d never thought about these, especially the last one.

To be honest, after the mission trip, I haven’t gone deeper about this (because we had more important problem to discuss), yet I thank God that I asked about this topic just before I went to mission trip. It wasn’t a long discussion, yet I did ask something about this. It is, indeed, good to know his opinion about physical contact.

Thus, my advice, be clear with your relationship: with your status, with Christian principles and also your belief. Ask God for the right person to come into your life. If the one not yet comes, just be patient and pray. “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” (Isaiah 30:21). According to this verse, I am sure if you are close to Him and listening to Him, He will say to you, “this is the one,..” Yet, be aware, he is sometimes not ‘shouting’, but he whispers (meaning: sometimes His voice is not clear enough because He might use implicit way to show His plan, thus be sensitive to His voice.)

p.s. wanna talk about this post? Or need a prayer? Just send me e-mail.

(for my secret reader in Ressud 44, thanks for reading my blog and also for everything that we’ve learned together during our journey. Miz ya!)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

When I pray

Well it's another day
And I'm thinking about
Things I want to say
But my thoughts are like clouds
drifting far away
Well I admit I doubt, sometimes
That I'm on Your mind

Just another face
Looking up from the crowd
Searching for a way
To talk to You now
sometimes I feel small
in the scope of it all, and then
I'm reminded again

That the very same God
That dreamt of the ocecans
That set the stars into place
He know me by name
That the very same God
That put the world into motion
is listening today,
He hears what I say
When I pray.

Thank you for the faith
That keeps me inspired
That tells me everyday
How much You desire
Just to hear from me
I can't tell You how much that means
It's so hard to conceive

And I believe that You're with me
Lord when I'm on my knees
Your timeless mercy rescues me

by Salvador

(this song encourages me, indeed. For all of you, who are now struggling with problems - you think that God is, kind of, forgetting you - trust Him, He is still the same. His promise is alive, and it never changes. He is still the same God - yesterday, today and forever.)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Wake up, Nia!

Fewh, I am finally back! Thank you for your support and prayer eventually so that now I have time again and can write something in my blog.

I feel really sorry not to write for such a long time, especially I haven’t really shared my personal experiences during the mission trip I’ve been during my summer holiday.

To tell you story about my summer holiday is maybe a little bit too old, and too complicated for me to write in this late evening. Therefore, I will write about what made me cry this morning.

Interesting, isn’t it? For you who haven’t seen me crying, hm,.. now is the time to imagine me with big swollen, watery, eyes.

Last night I called Bang Tepy (it is a new name for my Mr. Weirdo, if you still remember who he is. Thus since now, I will call him Bang Tepy, which means Brother Tepy – shortened from Stefy). It was like normal, almost an hour and a half conversation. Yet, the difference was it wasn’t me kept talking, telling story about what I’ve been doing so far; but he told me a really long story for an hour.


Heheheh,.. for you who know Bang Tepy, you must be surprised. I reckon he broke the record for talking on the phone, almost without any interruption for an hour.

What was he talking about? It must be what on your mind right now, toch? :P

He shared about his ministry in Surabaya. At this moment, he is the member of filmmaker team in his church. His task is to produce film or ads for either corporate ad for his church or to entertain the congregation. It is really fun!

He’s been busy with this ministry for a while; I think almost a year. He is really into it. I am happy. Honestly, I, first, thought that it was just the fun part of the filmmaker team that made him join the team; or maybe it was because of his ‘second girlfriend’ (andhika* – hehehe, sorry ya cheez!) that he joined the team.

Apparently, he is really serious in it. He seems to leave his other ‘unimportant’ activities behind for his filmmaker team.

Last night was the real evident that ensured me how he is now changed. He is really serious into his ministry. He realized how he can serve God through his ministry in the filmmaker.

So, what is the connection of Bang Tepy being a filmmaker team member and me crying?

There is a really big connection.

I’ve been praying for such moment for almost 5 years. I’ve been praying for him so that God changes him, thoroughly; so that he can experience God’s love in his life, know how amazing to live in Him.

God is never too late to answer our prayer.

I just amazed with what He has done for me, for us, and especially for him.

Bang Tepy, I am still praying for you, from here, so that you will more and more be like Him, closer to Him and serve Him. What lay ahead for us is His mystery, I am sure He will reveal it as soon as we are ready. Just surrender to him! Miss you anyway,…

(*) Andhika is a nice, friendly guy, befriends with Bang Tepy since they were babies (am I right? :P). Because he is so (too) close to Bang Tepy, everyone calls him Bang Tepy’s second girlfriend. By the way, I heard the story from Bang Tepy, about your vision, and I am praying for it, bro. For you, be faithful!

Friday, September 02, 2005

New new,...

I am now in the Netherlands. I arrived last week safely (first without the baggages but thank God, they were sent home).

I have started school, too. It was really weird because I've been an internee for a year and now I have to be a student again.

Fewh,.. it's been a while I haven't updated this blog. Sorry my readers :P I will do it soon - as soon as I finish cleaning, unpacking, and settling in my new house.

The most important message in this e-mail is that I have a new house.

It is really God's blessing, because it was so easy and fast to find and rent this house. The process was really smooth (thank to my friend who arranged everything in the Netherlands).

It is in Diemen, nearby my university.
The address is

Diemerkade 85
1111 AE Diemen

I moved in two days ago, with some help from some friends and relatives (thank you Benji!). I, now, live with other Indonesian students - other 4 students.

The moving thing was really tiring. I think I am now an expert in moving out and in. I have been moving out and in for 8 times in these 3 years. :)

I just want to let you know my new address (and a little bit of sharing).