Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Short story – my new boss

It is not about my work in OMF, either about my new boss there. It is about my Albert Heijn job – a new boss, called Albert.

I didn’t remember anymore when I first met him, but I’d thought he was a nice guy. He was tall, old, had a little bit ‘grandpa’ look. I remembered greeted him at that time.

During my internship, I only work once a week, on Saturday. Thus, I hardly ever meet him.

One day, I went to my manager’s office to talk about my work. Since I lived in Veenendaal, I’d spent money a lot at train tickets; thus, I tried to ask whether there would be any possibility to work only twice a month – every other week. My manager, Angela, thought it could be possible, but she raised another possibility, which was giving me a transportation cost. I agreed, yet she needed to talk with the ‘big boss’, Albert.

I was so happy.
If I still worked every week and get my transportation cost back, that would be splendid!

Thank’s God I got it!
I finally got my transportation support from Albert Heijn; yet I should work more during summer in return. Never mind, I was so happy anyway.

One Saturday, when I was about taking my lunch-dinner meals from the store (thus if one works until 8 o’clock on Saturday, he may take his meals from Albert Heijn for free, not more tha 7 euro tho!). This ‘big boss’ came to me, saying “He,.. you can’t do shopping during a work time!” I said “I am about having my break. I will now take my meals” He went “but how would people know that you would have a break, not shop?” I was shut, what does this guy mean?? “Hm,.. I don’t know” I said. After messing around with his wise questions, he finally said “So take your uniform off!”

Oh my goodness,.. it is so simple to just say, Please take your uniform off while you are about taking your meals for break. I don’t like people talk about something implicitly, like he did. I was so upset. What a weirdo!!

After that happened, I had a bad mood the whole day.
Until in the end of the night, while I was having my coffee break, he came to the canteen. He said hi, and he joked that he felt sorry I was being alone in my coffee break. I smiled.

I didn’t know why but I started chatting with him, asking how he was doing, whether he liked working in our Albert Heijn, etc.

He, then, asked about what I studied, where I am from and where I lived. When I said that I lived in Veenendaal at this moment, he directly remembered that I am the one he’d given a transportation support. I thanked him as well for being so kind giving me transportation support.

Unexpectedly, he said:
“Oh, that’s all right! I am crazy about nice people. I respect them. You deserve it.”

All the anger that I’d bottled up just went away,..

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Short Story – Daniel’s Pray

I have received abundant blessings lately and I would love to share them with you, as God has shared His with me.

It might be better if I just start telling you about how Daniel was praying.

Daniel is one of my ‘babies’.
(Remember my story about I became a babysitter in Veenendaal?)
Last week, I came to Family Baak’s house, to take care of the children because the parents had to lead youth meeting. Thus, I happened came to their house, for the forth time I believe.

Lisanne, 7 y.o., was already in bed, though she hasn’t slept yet. Rosaline, 2.5 y.o., was still hanging around asked me to read books for her. Daniel, 9 y.o., was just finished practicing his first presentation about doctor (Mr. John Baak, the father, is a doctor). Christopher, the oldest son, 12 y.o., was busy with his homework.

After I read books for Rosaline and her mom brought her in bed, I went to Daniel’s room. He told me a lot of things about his school, his presentation tomorrow, football club, friends, vacation, and many more. We played some games, too; not that game board again, but he had a nice book with games in it. He taught me to play Game Boy as well. How sweet was it?!

It was finally 8 o’clock and Daniel had to sleep. Thus, we’d prayed together before he slept. I told him I couldn’t pray fluently in Dutch, thus he had to pray; so he prayed, and it went, something like:

“Dear Jesus in Heaven, I would like to pray for people in China, please bless them. (I stunned, I was speechless). I pray also for people in Asia, please help the people that suffered because of Tsunami. (Oh my goodness…! I couldn’t hear what he said further, because I was so amazed). … God, why is there any machine to create animals? Why are there a lot of machines that cause problems and war,..God, I pray for a machine to create animals. Amen!”

In general, you might think it is silly. Maybe, but not for me.
I was out of words. I couldn’t say anything more.

You know how I normally pray? I usually pray for my own sake: to be healthy, to have enough money for coming weeks, so that my parents will live well in Indonesia, for Stefy, for my relationship,.. it’s always about me, me, and me!

I do sometimes pray for Indonesia, for people there, but not quite often. I heard simplicity in Daniel’s pray; I heard his honesty to pray for the world, for other people.

Thus, have you prayed today? For others, too?

Monday, March 07, 2005

Here I am!

Welcome in Veenendaal!

It’s been almost a month here in Veenendaal.

For you who haven’t heard that I moved in to a new (single) room in Veenendaal, this is a time to let you know that I, now, have a single room, in a house, in Veenendaal.

It’s really great to be here, as if I found my second family.

If you know Nia really well, you will know that I am a kind of person who is really uncertain to enter a new zone; I could also say that I am always uncertain, in the beginning, to step out from my comfort zone.

A couple months ago, before I moved out, I did think that I wouldn’t move. If I could choose, I would rather to stay in my previous room; even thought it means I have to sit 4 hours a day in public transportation. Especially when I saw that I would live in a house with Dutch couple, whom I didn’t know at all.

Many thoughts came out to my mind: would they like me? would I have problems with them? would I irritate them? Yeah,.. every negative thought I could think came up to my mind.

Apparently, it was just my stupid thoughts, which God didn’t even think to put one of them in His plans during my stay in Veenendaal. Stupid, huh?!

I am really happy at this moment.

Theo and Jocke are the people I live with. They are really funny. If in my previous post I wrote that I was desperate with my Dutch, I am, now, a little bit relax. They are now also really open to give me input, correct my Dutch and together we work on my Dutch.

I could spend hours to cook with Jocke; I learned to cook Dutch food from her. I also spend hours talking with and sharing to Jocke. She is as old as my mom. I could say that she is my second-mom.

Arie Baak and Tante Nieke are also Veenendaalers. Arie Baak is National Director for OMF NL and Tante Nieke is his wife. They are really nice; they are like my Opa and Oma (Grandpa and Grandma) for me.

John, Kathryn, Christopher, Daniel, Lissanne and Rosaline are my new big family. John is Arie Baak’s oldest son. It happened I went to their house, together with Arie Baak to bring Rosaline back. Rosaline liked me a lot. I’d met Lissanne, too, and she liked me. Anyway, Rosaline is 2 years old and Lissanne is 5.

One day, Lissanne rang my doorbell, invited me to go to her house and play with her. Wow!! I was surprised. I went there, and played with her. At the end of the day, Kathryn, their mom, asked me if I could baby-sit them.

Thus,.. now I have a new part-time “job”, babysitter!

The night I was babysitting, it was a great fun. I tried to be as neutral as possible. I didn’t want to be bossy. I always want to be a cool sister for my little brother and sister (whether I am actually a cool sister, you should ask my brother really!)/ When sleepy-time came, Daniel, 8 years old, insisted to play. Thus, we happened to play a board game, even though he had to sleep. No one knew, though! It was fun! It was like a BIG secret between us.

This afternoon, I went out walking and playing a sleigh in fake-hills nearby. Christopher, 11 years old, was a little bit distant when I first met him. Honestly, I was a little bit afraid, because he is a boy and I am not really good at communicating with little-teenager boy. Again, my fear didn’t even happen. He was a great fun! We were playing with sleigh, climbing hills covered with a lot of snow, and also cycling.

And more people,..

I couldn’t stop thanking God for what he’s provided. I am so glad that I am here.

p.s. it is not a normal topic that I usually write. I know. Yet, now, I am just overwhelmed with my new atmosphere in Veenendaal. I am so glad!