Tuesday, July 27, 2004

It's me!!

Basically, I love reading. So now you asking me what's the relation with this pic. Okay, let me tell you. When I went to femina online, I read the short story there. Suprisingly, I found this pic, which I reckoned a bit like my face, isn't it? Funny huh?!
Thus, I saved it, and kept it as my logo. hehehhe,.. cuteee
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no more shrek!

This morning,
I went to wacht shrek. It's okay, but I am not satisfied with it
I mean, it could be better or probably, the producer shouldn't have produced it in the first place.
Okay, it's nia. If it comes to films, I can tell a lot about films.
I am indeed impressed by the first scene of it. Cool, romantic, honestly made me pathetically jealous of cartoon creatures, uuhh,... but anyway, the atmosphere of a falling in love couple is really there. But,.. when they went to 'far far away', my mood was (nguiiiingg,.. bruk!) down. I love the idea of the city, which is similar with Hollywood, but things that was going on there were too much, at least for me. It supposed to be a fairy tale, not a modern cartoon parody.
If you have seen Shrek 2, you must be aware of modern touch that is added to the film. It is, maybe, funny, but it doesn't actually fit to the whole idea of shrek, a fairy tale about an ogre. Like the fast food drive thru. It is funny, I like it, but it just doesn't fit.
I hate the fairy godmother. She is too annoying,.. heheh, but it is personal, not about the movie. Though, I reckon that if we hate the fairy godmother, it shows that it is success; people suppose to hate her, as an antagonist.
Okay okay,.. nia, enough. Just want to share it. No offense to the maker or the shrek lover. Still, a thumb for shrek!

but, just suggestion, please no more shrek, even shrek 3, 4, etc. I reckon it is enough :)